Saturday, July 8, 2017


Well, I feel like my rides have completely fallen off a cliff recently. It's not so much that I lack motivation, just a combination of things. Last week I rode 4 times but this week I'm going to have ridden 1 time, yep, 1 time or sort of 2 since I kind of rode bareback on Wednesday.

Proof of my laziness.
Also, all the sweat is just from standing, I hadn't even ridden at this point
The main thing is the heat. We had another big swing up in temperature, this time with really high humidity so the horses are sweating standing still in front of their fans. I'm certainly not going to ride (other than the 10 minutes I spent walking with a bit of trotting bareback) in that sort of situation.

Monday was an amazing ride. I did a full 45 minutes and we got the most AMAZING lengthening at the end of the ride. Then the fourth of July with fireworks going off everywhere and then finally the heat hit.

and spending lots of time grooming so
we could spend time in front of Katai's favorite fan.
Of course Friday-Sunday she won't be ridden either since I'll be at Pony Cup!!! I'm really looking forward to this trip and know that I'll be really motivated when I get back.

Unfortunately it is going to be tougher to meet my July goals. Once I get back from KY I'll have two full weeks of pony time and I'm going to make sure they're action packed! Then I'll likely be in Seattle for around 11 days straight from the 23rd through the beginning of August.

Then the plan is for no travel until my next horse show which is planned for August 26th or 27th!! Straight from there I'm taking the last week in August off through Labor day and will be traveling to Rochester, NY to visit my sister and hopefully meet Bobby from Poor Woman Showing. I can't wait! Even better, I'll likely be traveling Wednesday-Saturday but will have the rest of the time to spend time recuperating from the show and having a fun staycation :)


  1. Oooh so exciting you get to see Bobby and Carly!!!! Jealous!! Also I know what you mean about riding falling off a cliff. Honestly I try to mix lighter weeks into the mix regularly enough bc they need to be doable, ya know? Like sometimes we just need time. Hopefully the summer keeps on rollin well for you!

    1. Me too!! So cool to get to meet them :)

  2. I can't wait for you to come ride the Mule Beast!!! Hopefully it's not ten trillion degrees here, too. The humidity really destroys my will to live.

    1. Me neither!! My flight is booked :) Yeah, it's been so hot and humid here this year as well.