Monday, March 27, 2017

Makeup: Lesson Recap 3/27 and Weekend Updates

I had a great makeup lesson on Saturday. Katai was really a good little pumpkin but wasn't completely sure she wanted to work on the canter. It's gone from a gait that we never do and therefore exciting to a gait that's a lot of work so the first time I asked her to canter in each direction I got some pretty good ponytechnics with lots of bucking.

To get the canter we cued for it out of leg yield once we hit the wall at the end of the arena and she did pretty well in one direction but was pretty stiff to the other side and didn't want to flex to the left at all.

 We did a bit of lateral work and also got the alignment better than we have. Overall though, while Katai was trying she was just unwilling to flex to the left and wanted to retract her neck.

Jane and I also had a great time talking about the FEI World Cup and I'm getting even more excited to be there!
Also baked some amazing banana bread!!
After my lesson I went to my parent's farm and worked with my dad on my tack locker. He's made some progress this spring with some of the smaller things that needed time between (for the glue to dry) since it was just slowing our process down too much but we made a bunch more progress on Saturday when I was there.

Door with polo wrap shelves
The main part of the cabinet
These drawers go in the right side of the cabinet. 
I can't wait to get the building part done now so that I can start to decorate it haha.


  1. That tack box looks like it will be epic! And I can't wait to hear about your world cup trip 😁

    1. Thank you!! I think so too, it's certainly already heavy enough lol

  2. Replies
    1. Yes!!!! I've been jealous of yours and it's going to be nice to have one of my own :)