Sunday, October 16, 2016

Christmas Shopping List 2016

I've discovered/realized over the years that however amazing the intentions of my family are, they just don't like to get horse stuff for me (at least not any form of tack) and it's just better if I get that stuff for myself and let them get me things that they enjoy shopping for more.

With that being said, most years I get myself something for my birthday (December 11th) and something for Christmas, usually after Christmas with any money I got for Christmas.

This year though, thanks to aggressively paying off debt and putting some money in savings I've got a nice little chunk of money to spend so I'm having a great time shopping! There are so many options and since I don't have an limited budget I'm having fun picking out what I can put together that's fun and purely gifts for myself.

The Item(s) I'm Getting for Sure:

PS of Sweden Flying Change bridle - 

I've been talking about this one for a long time and I finally get to purchase it!! 


Throat latch
Then, since I'm ordering the bridle and having it shipped I"m going to also get the throat latch so that I know I can show with it and of course I need a sparkly broadband. They're out of stock on the one I really want so I'm hoping it will be back in stock when it's time for me to get it.

My plan is to try to get it during their Black Friday sale so that maybe my money will go a little further!

The Tentative List:

Total Saddle Fit Girth:

I've already got a TSF girth but it's brown and it's always gapped at the front. Katai has never been girthy with it so I haven't worried much but now I'd like to fix that, plus to get a black girth that matches my saddle. Also, my current girth is a 24" because of how short the billets on my brown saddle were but my Prestige has normal dressage length billets so I want to get a shorter girth as well.

White Breeches:
I'm slowly putting together a show outfit. My goal is to do a rated show by the end of the year so I'm trying to pick up the things that I'll need as I go rather than waiting until I need it this summer. I'm planning to get a decent but not extremely expensive pair of white breeches I just have to figure out which ones!

Show Shirt:
I'd also like to get some sort of show shirt. The one in the picture is only $35 from Horze which is about what I'd like to spend on a show shirt at this point so I may just go with this one. I'm also going to pick up a couple more cheap ($10ish) polos from Old Navy for schooling shows but that's not what I'm getting myself for Christmas.

Other Stuff:

I'm also shopping for other non-horse stuff but most of that will probably end up on my christmas list for my family since they'll appreciate having some stuff to shop for.


  1. I love my Flying Change bridle. If you can swing it, get the reins. I adore my reins.

    1. Yay!! That's good to know. I was going to buy the cheap ones from Horze but maybe I'll get these instead and change something else on my list.

  2. I've also given up on asking for horse things I actually want from relatives. Except my dad. He's really good about just being like, "Send me the link and I'll click order."

    1. Your dad sounds like an amazing person ;)I tried that but after my mom misspelled Katai's name on an embroidered cooler she's lost pony tack shopping privileges.

  3. That's a great list! It's fun to shop!

  4. I really like the new stretchy TSF girths. I'd like to get another PS bridle someday, but I can't figure out which one I want the most.

    1. Your review convinced me. I think it would be more comfy for Katai which would be great!

      I have that problem too. I've been undecided for a long time and really like the ones with the exchangeable pieces because color coordination is awesome. I do think I finally decided on the flying change though.