Friday, September 2, 2016

It’s Here!!

Veggie was hungry
For some reason this feels like a way more momentous occasion than when I got my custom. I’m not exactly sure why because that was a really big deal for me. Maybe it’s because I knew that this saddle would fit both of us and with the custom I was just crossing my fingers. Maybe it’s because it’s a name brand saddle or maybe it’s because I think it’s completely adorable. Who knows. 

Nicest saddle cover I've ever owned and it came free with the saddle
It has nice plush fleece as a lining

Love their logo
At any rate I was interested to see some differences in this saddle vs. the trial. First the cantle on the trail was that cool carbon fiber type material. I kind of liked it but it did sort of pull the leather funny where it dipped into the back of the seat. 
SOOOOOO pretty!!
On the new saddle this is a very soft calfskin type leather with the prestige stamp in it. I like that it’s still unique but without the possible risks of the carbon fiber since I wasn’t sure how it would stand up in comparison with the rest of the saddle plus the little dip into the seat is now much nicer looking.

Is it crazy that I sort of miss the carbon?
This looks much better than with the carbon though
The other is in the rear panel configuration. You may remember that I had storage plans for the trial saddle. 
I don't have a great picture comparison but I think you can see
how different the panels look than below

These look over stuffed to me
This saddle looks completely different with way more contact along the back and it looks more like other prestige saddles look to me. I’m actually wondering if the trial got relocked by a saddle fitter or something since it seems odd that they would change how they put their saddle together. The carbon fiber makes sense (may have gotten negative comments on it) but this seems odd. It does still fit, if anything it fits better, so I’m really pleased with it. 

I don't have a direct comparison but I think you can tell how much taller these sit.
Where will I ever put my snacks now...
I'll be using my brown stirrup leathers because some amazing prestige leathers came with it for free but only in child's size. I got the longest I could but they're still too short. Oh well, it'll be fine until I can get some nice longer black ones.

So sad these don't fit, they're the nicest leathers I've ever had
I'm also planning to get a black PS of Sweden bridle for my birthday present to myself this year so then at least my bridle and saddle will match. So exciting!!


  1. Congrats on the new saddle. I have a 15+ year old prestige and still love it.

    1. Thank you!! That's great to hear :-) I hope that I'm able to have this one for that long!

  2. The saddle looks beautiful. I hope hat it works.

    1. Thank you Teresa! So far so good and we had one of our best recent canters today so I think it's a winner.

  3. It's gorgeous! I so wish it came with a slightly bigger seat...I'm intrigued!

    1. Thank you!! Not sure what size you need but it does fit more like a 17" and it's actually looser than my previous 17". VTO sends them for trial for as long as you want to check it out and you only need to pay shipping back. Might be worth it if it's even close to what you need for the price I can't imagine finding a nicer saddle.

  4. Hey! I'm in pony dressage saddle fitting hell :-) and Mary is helping me and would like to see an underside pic of the Lucky. Could you send one sometime? Thanks!!

    1. :( I completely feel your pain. Absolutely!! I just sent an email to your spam email account that started jal.