Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Project Update

I got another weekend in with my dad working on my tack locker. We're working on the toughest part right now which is getting the body of the cabinet assembled. Luckily my dad has 7 large clamps that we can use to hold it together because it's like a large, heavy, sticky (from the wood glue) 3D puzzle.

So far we have the top and left side up and nailed and glued. We're letting the glue dry on those before we put up the right side and bottom luckily those will be far easier since we'll at least have a reference and more to clamp to.
Getting there!
Since I'm in WA this week and only getting home on Friday I likely won't go home again until the beginning of March but over the next few times working on it we should be able to do the majority of the rest of the work. I'm not in too much of a hurry though because before I move it I want to paint it and since it doesn't make sense to paint in the small enclosed space of my dad's shop I'll likely wait until it's warm enough to take it outside and that won't be for at least a month or more.

Selfie time! From my hotel window seat looking out at the Seattle Convention Center
I also finished up another project! I started working on the idea for a stall name plate like this over Christmas but I went through a couple before I got it right (right enough anyway). There are still things I'd like to improve but mainly I really like it. I'll take a picture to share when I get home but I painted chalk board paint in a rectangle on the bottom so that I can put notes or just doodles on it. The chalkboard is nice although a white board would have been nicer to write on. The colors, navy and pink, are what I'm going to try to do with my tack locker so it should be a cute match once that's done.

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