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She's Sound!!!:Lesson Recap 2/28

*This is a warning that starting with the 6th paragraph I'm going to be journaling about how my mind works in regards to my pony. It's probably a little boring and not much about our lesson but I want to write it for myself. Feel free to skip to my next post if it's boring.

I'm so happy right now! I drove out to the barn first thing on Saturday morning and was preparing myself the whole time for her to still be off. When I got there I tacked her up and put on side reins so that I could start off lunging and then hopefully ride after. She still seemed a little tender on the concrete but once she got to the arena footing she looked excellent! I had my fingers crossed the whole time and when I first asked her to trot she was really reluctant so I got nervous but other than clearly being stiff she was sound!

I had her walk, trot, canter each direction on the lunge and then climbed up. Her saddle was really sliding forward badly which I think was a combination of gaining s…

WW in Washington: Truth

This is Katai

Project Update

I got another weekend in with my dad working on my tack locker. We're working on the toughest part right now which is getting the body of the cabinet assembled. Luckily my dad has 7 large clamps that we can use to hold it together because it's like a large, heavy, sticky (from the wood glue) 3D puzzle.

So far we have the top and left side up and nailed and glued. We're letting the glue dry on those before we put up the right side and bottom luckily those will be far easier since we'll at least have a reference and more to clamp to.
Since I'm in WA this week and only getting home on Friday I likely won't go home again until the beginning of March but over the next few times working on it we should be able to do the majority of the rest of the work. I'm not in too much of a hurry though because before I move it I want to paint it and since it doesn't make sense to paint in the small enclosed space of my dad's shop I'll likely wait until it's w…


Sorry for no entertaining post title, not feeling much like being creative right now.

It's been a tough February so far for the mare and for me. I hadn't realized how much I've been relying on my regular rides and regular routine. During these cold and dark months when not much else is going on it's made me feel like I'm actually accomplishing something. Now we haven't had that for nearly three weeks and both of us are feeling it.

After every ride, even if they're not amazing, I feel amazing because I feel like we're making progress. Today was tough because I spent the day at a career fair and my co-worker and I were talking horses (I'm lucky enough to have a co-worker with horses) and it's so unseasonably warm that she was excited to go to the barn later. I could have gone to groom and see Katai and I'm sure that she would have loved to have me there but it was tough to convince myself to spend an hour in the car for such a short time with…


I went to the barn Wednesday last week all happy and excited thinking that Katai would finally be comfortable and ready for a nice stretchy workout. Unfortunately that was not the case. Based on the timeline I constructed in my head, after a major internal freak out that my pony was never going to be sound, I think that this is what happened.

January 22nd – Pony gets a massage where someone pokes at her back and makes it angry (which will eventually be a good thing)

February 2nd – Pony gets her hooves trimmed and chiropractic. More poking at her back, plus her right shoulder, plus her left hind so now lots of angry (will also eventually be a good thing)

February 3rd – Hand walking day, pony is footsore on concrete from her trim (normal) and stiff

February 4th – Hand walking day, pony is footsore on concrete from her trim (normal) and stiff
February 5th – Hand walking day, pony is footsore on concrete from her trim (normal) – Five ladies from the barn are watching Katai be footsore on concr…

Humble Pie

I feel like it's always good for people to be able to admit when they are wrong especially when it comes to working with a very sensitive and large prey animal that easily blows things out of all proportion.

Part of this, when working on my own, is self awareness. It's one thing if my instructor tells me that something is wrong but I prefer, whenever possible, to catch it before my lesson. Part of that is that I'd rather not expect my instructor to catch everything and part of it is that I want to feel like I can be productive on my own.

This time what I caught is that I've been choking up on the reins again too much prior to Katai's vacation. The problem is that during some rides Katai rushes so much that we go through this cycle where I get to the point where I'm using every weight and core half halt aid that I have and then I go to the reins. She slows down for a stride or two and then it's back through the same cycle. At some point I get so tired from…

How Justin Bieber Relates to My Riding

What the heck does Justin Bieber have to do with my riding you are wondering. I had this unique epiphany the other day on one of my drives to the barn when the Justin Bieber song "Love Yourself" came on the radio that had to do with who I am as a person and a rider.

I am a very intense person. When I get a thought in my head I will persist with it until I have an answer. I've had to learn to tone it down at work but when it comes to horses I'm stubborn, driven, tense and intense and not always good at calming down. I've been aware for a long time that this is probably party why Katai is rushy and tight with me riding but completely changing my way of being isn't easy.

The epiphany was about how this relates to my music choices. For about 14 years of my life I did this.

It's intense, dark, and tough. There's nothing relaxed or easy about this music or most of my music choices into my late twenties. One of my favorite songs from a play list that I creat…

Sore and Stuck: Lesson Recap 1/31

We had an interesting lesson on Sunday this week. Katai has been virtually tantrum free for the last few months but she came as close as she has at this lesson. She started off very stiff and reluctant to bend. In true amazing trainer fashion L didn’t get fussed at all and just worked us through it with lots of canter transitions to get her loosened up. Katai was calm but sucked back at that point which is unlike her. In fact she’s been fairly sucked back recently at both training rides and lessons. Once she was loose enough we did some walk work and Katai tried a new tactic. She would freeze at the walk and absolutely refuse to go forward. I got to practice my pony club kick and then we’d push her into canter and make her work until she was listening. Then back to a walk and wash, rinse, repeat. After about 3-4 times she figured out that listening to my leg and going forward at the walk was much less work than being made to canter and with all the canter work she had done she was a li…