Monday, December 8, 2014

Blog Hop: Christmas List

This is actually the exact list that I sent my mom so hopefully I'll have some of these things to post reviews about after Christmas!

Horze Jeffery Saddle Pad

These are currently my favorite saddle pads I have the cool mint green one.

They come in all sorts of cool colors but even more importantly they come in pony size!! They are also reasonably priced at $27.95.

Horze Polo Wraps

With Katai's color changing to grey it's time to get some matching polo wraps. These are reasonably priced at $18.95 and come in Grey which is actually a tough color to find in polo wraps.


You can never have too many socks. I have some cheap riding socks for summer and some ski socks on my list, all are under $20.


These Wither and Withers horse treats are my absolute favorite horse treats. They are designed for insulin resistant horses with almost no sugar added and are so good that I occasionally snack on them. As an added bonus they are small and neat so they don't make a huge mess in my pockets. They are fairly expensive for horse treats at around $20 depending on where you shop but there are a ton in a bag so they last a long time.

Swanky Saddlery Monogram Bridle Tag

These are adorable and very reasonable at $15.00.

Swanky Saddlery Brush Monogram

 Totally dorky, or preppy maybe, but also reasonable at $4 a piece.

Higher Standards Saddle Soap

I've been wanting some of this stuff for a long time and it finally made it onto my list this year. Very reasonable at $14.95 per container.


  1. I think the brush monograms are great! Also, the saddle pad is way cute.

    1. I would love to monogram all my brushes :-)