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First Show

Well we did WAY better than I thought we would! 

I would have honestly been happy to not get sixth, there were six people in the class, so second was unbelievably cool! I feel like the whole show was very fairly and accurately judged. Some scores were in the 50s and two people got 70s but otherwise it was mostly spread through the 60s. Katai and I got a 61.25% which I feel was pretty much how our test went. She's been WAY better in lessons of course but because it was intro it was actually below her current schooling ability and we mainly lost points for tension which is the biggest battle with her. I'm so freaking happy about how everything went for her first show!
Haley and I are talking about a doing a schooling show in a few weeks but we need to iron out the details.
Stay tuned!


I try really hard to give credit when credit is due and it is time for me to give a little more credit to J. I’m not sure if she was just having a bad month or if all of her other students just happened to have the same struggle at the same time but suddenly most of the horses at the barn that were traveling hollow and tense are moving much better. She has them doing more long and low from what I’ve seen and they all seem to be much improved. I also finally got through to her and it didn’t cause her to stop instructing me! I truly don’t feel I am an expert and there was just one main thing bothering me and that was asking Katai to try to carry weight on her hind and slow down into a more collected trot for the whole half hour lesson or even for ten or more minutes at a time. That was causing sooooo much tension from Katai which meant that sometimes she was almost gaiting and was always moving very hollow. Last week at my lesson J and I had an argument for the whole half hour which was …


I'm showing tomorrow!!
It's just a small schooling show at my current barn and I'm only riding Into A but I'm actually pretty thrilled :) I've been wanting to begin exposing Katai to some shows even though I knew we weren't necessarily going to be competitive and what better way to get her used to the idea than a show in her normal arena.
It looks like there will be five people riding in the class and while I'm happy to just be attempting a test at a show I'm really hoping that I can do better than fifth. How's that for a goal!

Chubby pony playing queen of the mountain.

The Dragon Awakes

The fire breathing pony dragon that is. Between being gone for vacation, pony not getting her supplements, and the suddenly cool weather Katai has been a bit hot to say the least :)
I got her back on her supplements right away and after a really rough ride on Thursday she was pretty good Monday (I just did ground work on Saturday) but pretty tough again today. She is figuring things out she's just so hot that all she wants to do is run and she doesn't think before she reacts. Hopefully more supplements and a few more rides and she'll be back to herself.
The rest of my vacation was great! I watched more of the Dressage Pony Cup on Sunday and then on Monday we went to a Keenland yearling sale! I got to see a yearling filly sell for 1.1 million and a colt go for 1.95 million although I later found out that that one didn't make his reserve.

Keenland bathrooms. Yes, I was impressed...

In other news the move is official! I'm moving Katai to a great facility that's only a…

Vacation Saturday

Finally I got to see pony Dressage which was the main reason I went on this vacation! I got so many pictures and got to see so many beautiful and cute ponies that I'm just going to share my favorites.

This was Castleberry's Delight which I believe is related to Connor from Cob Jocky. He was brilliant and his owner was grinning from ear to ear for her whole ride :)

My favorite pony of the weekend! This was B's Lunar Eclipse. He is a 12.3 hand Welsh Stallion that was winning after his ride on Saturday.

This little lady was adorable. She wasn't being ridden by her regular rider, who's shorter so this wonderful rider stepped up. She was at least 6' and gave the pony a very good ride.

Cuteness overload!
Audrey Maschue was here with three of her ponies including Kabam, Bulgari Boy and Frodo Baggins. All of her ponies were gorgeous and Bulgari Boy's temperament during the test was just so sweet and calm that if I were ever to breed Katai I would seriously consider bree…

Vacation Friday

Friday started out with some boutique and antique shopping.
I found a couple of pretty horse head hooks and a riding shirt.

We got some Chinese food and then headed out to drive on some of the small historic roads.

In the evening we went to Churchill Downs to see some racing! I wasn't sure that we would be able to make it to Churchill for a race but our timing was perfect and last night was the first live racing of the season.

Today is the first day of Pony Dressage!!

Vacation Thursday

Yesterday was my first time flying. Despite what people were saying I thought it was not so different than driving. I don't tend to be nervous about that type of thing and it was just as uneventful as I thought it would be. Mostly I was really happy to not have taken 14 hours to drive here like I normally would have done with my family.
We flew into Lousiville so the first thing we did, of course, was visit the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs.

It was beautiful and we are going back to see a race there tonight!

The landscape is just so incredibly beauitful. I've seen it in pictures but seeing it in real life is just so different.

Best Sangria I've ever had :)
More to follow!