Saturday, July 26, 2014

Houdini Pony

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on this blog before or not but Katai is apparently an escape artist. I believe that at the previous barn it was mentioned to me that once or twice they had found Katai in a different pen especially when they were swapping around where horses were located but once they put up a strand of tape that was closer to the ground she stayed where she was supposed to.

At the current barn J had mentioned to me that Katai has been ducking under gates and I was disappointed. It’s just one more thing to have to worry about and it would always be nice if your horse/pony was just a good citizen and didn’t try to wreck anything, escape, or otherwise cause any problems.

On Sunday when I went to ride I noticed that Katai was still in the dry lot all by herself. I was a little concerned but since I knew she had been escaping before I assumed that a student had found her where she wasn’t supposed to be and put her there just to be safe. However, apparently Katai’s previous motivation for getting out was the grass. After she kept sneaking under the gates, which didn’t have the lower strand of tape to keep her in, several times she figured out where the boys are housed. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that Katai is hugely boy crazy. Like seriously nuts over cute guys and most particularly she goes straight for the leader, like Every. Time.


J, understandably frustrated, put second lower strands on all of the gates that Katai had access to so that she wouldn’t be able to escape any more but now that Katai had figured out where the boys live she wasn’t going to be deterred. I asked J how she had managed to get over/through/under the new double strand gates and J said that so far no one has seen her do it. Hence pony prison.


J brought it up to me by saying “Your pony is incredibly horny”. Hmmm, yeah that doesn’t surprise me. Apparently one of the geldings, named Conquest, who was gelded late is so interested in her that he won’t eat and gets aggressive around the other geldings when she is in their pen. She squeals, flirts, rubs herself on them and basically just makes a fool out of herself.


The situation is tough on me because since I’m used to keeping my horse(s) on my property and taking care of them myself I feel extremely responsibly for her naughty behavior. Of course there is nothing I can do and I’m paying board to someone to deal with this type of thing. I’m sure Katai isn’t the only pony/horse that’s done things like this and since J has to deal with cribbers, kickers, muzzling the fatties etc. It’s not like this is especially bad and so far Katai hasn’t broken anything, just managed to find a way under or through.


On Wednesday I went out to check on Katai's eye and luckily it was almost completely better. I was so relieved and glad I listened to a friend and didn't call the vet right away. Eyes are just something I don't feel like you should take any chances with. Unfortunately on Wednesday I was unable to ride because I was moving my couch to the new apartment and because of Katai's eye and moving and I've been sick as well with some sort of crazy lung cold where I can't stop coughing so I decided to cancel my lesson on Thursday. I was disappointed to do it but between being sick and only having a chance to ride once since my last lesson it really didn't make sense to try to get anything productive done in a lesson. 

Then since I didn't ride Thursday or Friday, I had plans, today I was really ready to see her again. I can't believe how much I missed her and I feel like it was mutual. She came right up to me with her ears pricked and was so quiet and well behaved in the barn even though we were the only ones there. I then proceeded to have the BEST ride on her that I've had. She was ready to go and trotting with rhythm but she listened to every half halt and I was getting some wonderful bend around the circles since she was listening to my leg just beautifully. She even had wonderfully soft white foam.

This pony is really mine and not going anywhere :)

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