Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Name Change

So as you can see I finally changed the name of my blog!! I’ve been thinking about it and wanting to for quite awhile now especially since Katai, although a normal pony, hasn’t proven to be a particularly stubborn one.

I also want to reflect the upcoming change of moving to a barn and, sort of, handing off the total responsibility of training Katai myself since now I have qualified help. Because of that, this blog will be less of a training journal and more of a blog about me and Katai as a partnership and cover both of our experiences in this new journey of dressage lessons, showing, and experiencing the atmosphere of an active barn.

Finally, many of my more recent posts were about how I can finally have fun shopping for stuff for my pony and also for myself. I’ve always loved trends and clothes but just wasn’t able to afford the stuff I really wanted. Now I’m starting to be able to afford those things not just for Katai but for myself as well. I’ve worked extremely hard and saved for those nice things that I do have and I’ve got a list of things that I’m working towards. It’s just so nice to be able to feel like a cute and reasonably well dressed adult at the barn I want to continue to share that on my blog!

My posts going forward will continue to document Katai’s journey but I will be adding more about myself now that I will have feedback on my riding and horse handling skillz.

Also, Yay!! for the pony/devil reference tehe.

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