Friday, May 3, 2013

Spoiled Brat

Katai has been waiting out the nasty weather in her stall which seems twice as large with only one pony in it. She's not too happy since she can't see the other horses but she is warm and dry wearing her pretty purple blanket.

The weather is supposed to be much nicer so I'm going to try the week straight of working Katai again. I'm hoping to actually ride her as soon as we get some nice warm, tiring, weather. I also need to do more work on her feet which I can do in cold weather but today I wasn't even able to feel my fingers so that was out. I also need to work out and tan since I was distracted by going to visit my boyfriend last night. Another reason that Katai didn't get worked but he gets to be the priority especially since we have trouble working our schedules out so that we can see each other.

Hopefully more interesting pictures will follow once I'm able to work outside again.

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