Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh Well

It seems that I lost the video :( I can view it on my phone but not upload it so it certainly isn't going to work for my blog.

So, I will summarize.

I was very proud of her at the beginning and the end. At the beginning when I was lunging her she released on her stuff side and lowered her head as she trotted and it was AWESOME! I was truly thrilled and it shows what some correct work can do.

Towards the end of when I was riding her she was calm and relaxed and listening to me really well. I rode for quite awhile and she did very well overall.

It was the moment about two minutes into our ride that wasn't pretty. It was partially my fault because I could tell she was getting a little crabby but I didn't do enough to change that. She had her ears back and then reared up and spun in a complete 360. She didn't rear very high and when she came down she just stood like she was surprised either that I was still on or that she was facing back in the same direction that we started in. Then the thoroughbreds took off right past the arena. She actually was pretty much holding it together but after her behavior I just didn't want to risk it so I dismounted, calmed her down a minute and then led her back to the mounting block. We were both pretty tense for awhile but relaxed and eventually got some good work done.

As I said in an earlier post there was more good than bad but it had a rough start and then with her behavior in the barn it ended fairly rough as well.

I was very proud of her yesterday though. I worked her on the lunge in side reins with them short enough to count for the first time and she was great! They were still nowhere near tight but they did encourage her to lower her head and she was starting to work through her back a bit when I decided to stop on a good note.

Today I fully intended to work with her all day but I was so stressed at work and had so much to do that I stayed late and when I got home I just felt like taking a nap. Instead I groomed her and we spent some quality time grazing together. Tomorrow I have a party after work so I won't have a chance to work with her but this weekend I'm hoping to ride again.

Hopefully this time we can keep all four feet on the ground :)

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