Sunday, April 28, 2013

One Horse Girl

It's so nice to just have one again and I feel like I need to record this so I'm not tempted to purchase another anytime soon. I'm just not in a place in my life right now to be comfortable with having more than one horse. Between renting month to month and not having a ton of disposable income it's just not comfortable having two.

Now if I need to move and start boarding I'll be able to afford to take Katai. I can absolutely afford a pony and a dog even if I have to move or have an emergency but I can't afford to board two.

The best part is that now I have more time to work with my problem child. Katai is really a very good pony and has made a lot of progress just over this winter which impresses me because I didn't have that many days where I could work with her because of the weather. However, with Myshla here it was easy to make excuses and just take Meesh out. She rode so nice and listened well and was easy to trailer so instead of working to train Katai it was all about Meesh. Finally, Katai won't be "easy" for a long time. She is fairly hot for a pony and can be a handful. What she needs is miles, lots of exercise and regular firm but fair handling.

With that said, she is going to be fun and an excellent little dressage pony. I was seeing that even more today now that her feet are feeling better and she was really striding out nice. She has a wonderful, rhythmic relaxed stride that will do wonderful things in a dressage arena. Now I just have to bring her to her full potential :)

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