Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Four Days

Consistency has always been hard for me when training. I blame it on the artistic mindset that got me through college with a music degree and although I enjoy jumping around and working on different things all the time it's not very helpful when working with horses. Especially young horses...

That is why I decided to work with Katai every single day this week and hopefully this month. That doesn't mean training every day. In fact, on Monday I just groomed her in her pen and fed her an apple core :) yesterday though went really well. She's getting used to coming into the barn and being tied like a big girl and she behaved excellently while being ground driven. I also took her out hand grazing which didn't go so well but it did need to happen.

Today now it was cold and raining so all I did was put her in her stall and give her a nice large armful of hay. I would have groomed her too but she was all wet and shivery so that wouldn't work.

I'm hoping that tomorrow will be nice enough to work with her a little but I'm expecting it probably won't be. Based on how well she did with ground driving I'm planning on riding her on the next warm, tiring :), day. Hopefully that's sooner rather than later.

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