Sunday, March 31, 2013

Myshla Update

So, Myshla is still here and doing very well. She's at a great weight and just needs to shed out her teddy bear fluffies and gain some condition for the summer. This blog was initially going to be about both girls but I am having the exact issue I was worried about. Namely that I have a favorite.

I have a small OCD type issue that no matter how many I have of most things I always have a favorite and that's the only thing that gets any use. All my clothes are this way, I only ever wear one bra or sweatshirt etc., my electronic devices are that way, I only ever use my iPhone despite having an awesome computer and tablet, I always use the same food storage container and so on. It's the reason I try to only have one of each thing because I know it's the only one that will get any use and it's the reason I have tried to only ever have one horse.

Myshla is an absolute sweetheart and I adore her and everything about her. When I first went to see her I initially thought that I had no interest but when I rode her I couldn't stop smiling. I would ideally keep her forever and love her like she deserves. The issue becomes Katai who I found by accident and is basically the horse (pony) I've dreamed about since I first dreamed about having a horse. Of the two she has better conformation for Dressage, she's a little bigger, a little younger and has the personality and attitude that I adore and that would make her an excellent performance horse. I can't sell her.

Even if I emotionally could sell her I don't think I could give her away right now with her lack of training and current behavior issues. Myshla on the other hand would be easy to find a home for.

I know that while I can afford to keep both for now one of the two won't get nearly enough attention and that's just not fair. I also know that when I do need to move I will need to start boarding and I'm just not sure that I can afford to board two horses.

The plan for now is to see if the one person who knows Myshla might be for sale and who I would love to give/sell her to wants her. He still needs to come out and see her so I'm waiting for that to happen and my plans hinge on whether he wants to take her or not. If he doesn't I think my plan is to keep her for the summer and maybe event her :)

When I was in my teens I did some eventing and actually attended a couple of really cool eventing clinics including one with David O'Connor, which I didn't ride in but thought was wonderful and still have notes on. I loved eventing but my horse at the time was spooky and tripped a lot so I started doing more work in the arena and that is actually what led to me doing Dressage.

Since then I've concentrated on Dressage for various reasons but I really do miss a lot of eventing and with Myshla it would be incredibly fun to try out again. I have the money now for all the equipment that I would really need and have more contacts and access to better trainers including one who was just about drooling over Myshla. The last important thing to add is that kind of by accident I learned that Myshla jumps really well, at least with low jumps, and Katai does not. With some more conditioning and practice Katai could possibly be a decent jumper but with her current reluctance to jump at all I can hardly imagine that she would be a good candidate for eventing so this narrows my options down to keeping and possibly eventing Myshla while training Katai who would focus on Dressage or rehoming Myshla and focusing just on Katai.

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