Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Goals

Following in the footsteps of several other bloggers i'm going to start setting goals for each month and following up to see how I did at the end.

With that cleared up ;) here are my goals for March;

1. Get Katai's feet sorted.
I was finally able to get a good trim on both her front feet but since they had been so bad, she wouldn't let me even touch them when I got her, I've been doing things a little bit at a time so there is still some heel I need to take down after I give her frog a chance to adjust to bearing weight again. She is a little tender and I think I'm going to fit her for some boots to help with the transition.

2. Get her ground driving polished up.
Once her feet aren't quite as tender I plan on getting her ground driving to the point where I can trot her around the arena in both directions and do some circles before I climb on her again.

3. Saddle time
Until her steering and stopping are good with ground driving there is simply no reason to do much riding but once she is at that point, hopefully by March 20th, I plan on really starting her work under saddle :)

4. Desensitization
Katai is extremely bold and will march straight up to new things with me at her side but when I approach her with scary stuff she is not as brave. I would like to work on exposing her to more new things and to start walking her around to get her out of the pen and her comfort zone.

Hopefully we can get this accomplished in the next month :)

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