Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pony Family

With my new promotion things change a little as far as me being able to attain my goal of getting my bronze medal, or at least most of my scores, on Katai. Basically it allows me to fast track a bit.

Something I haven't even been able to dream about.

Because of that its time to change up my pony family a little. Myshla deserves tons of attention and I know I won't be able to give her the time and attention that she deserves. Because of this I am seriously considering rehoming her. I have neighbors on each side that have been wanting her since I got her and the person who we get our hay from would love to take her as well. All three would be excellent homes with wonderfully behaved small children.

The other thing that makes rehoming Myshla a good option is that I'm going to start boarding Katai. I will now be able to afford it and with a better arena, indoor and more chances to take lessons it's exactly what we both need to help my goal become a reality. There are two facilities that I'm trying to choose between and barring availability I have a tough decision to figure out where she should go.

I will say that whether I keep Myshla or find her a new home it will be done only with her best interest in mind and if she does go to a neighbor I'll see her on almost a daily basis :)

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